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Simple Ways to Get Picky Seniors to Eat


Getting picky seniors to eat can be challenging for most people but not impossible. There is no need to go through overwhelming changes to make a big difference. Sometimes, simple alterations help. Read on to learn more about where to begin.

  • Set regular meal/snack times.

    Creating a daily routine is key to kick-start your efforts to get picky seniors to eat. A home health aide can help establish this routine and incorporate their favorite foods. Stop relying on their pang of hunger before giving them food. The appetite declines with age.

  • Serve smaller portions of healthy foods.

    Small portions of food prevent seniors from feeling overwhelmed by their food. If you usually give three big meals to seniors, try to cut it down to five small meals. Give them small servings of avocado, peanuts, soft cheese, etc. If seniors receive home care in California, their caregivers can help prepare healthy meals and snacks.

  • Monitor what works best.

    Make sure to list the things and foods that seniors enjoy and prefer. Do they like soft foods? Do they enjoy soup? Make sure to understand which works best for them so you can provide them with the meals they want. Caregivers that offer home health services in Camarillo, California, can also help monitor their health and daily meals.

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