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Recognizing the Obstacles in Home Health Care


While it’s no surprise that there are obvious benefits in hiring a home health aide, numerous obstacles can still exist on the part of healthcare professionals, the agency, the patients, and their respective families.

Whether the patient is transitioning from a residential facility or skilled nursing to home care in California or exploring elderly care services, family members and immediate guardians should know and respect the elderly’s preferences for a treatment site. Patient preference is the first obstacle in home-based care since some seniors favor hospital treatment for acute illnesses. Another reason why a patient seeks treatment outside the home is feeling embarrassed about living conditions and the lack of privacy.

As for the physicians’ side, it might be discouraging for some to provide home health services in California because of longer visits, fewer patients, and lower revenue from fee-for-service payment models. Another thing to consider is if the client’s neighborhood has a high crime rate.

An additional source of concern is the absence of supporting infrastructure and necessary medical equipment even if it’s just for acute care needs. Some equipment that in-home care in Camarillo, California lacks are nebulizers, oxygen, radiology services, and hospital-grade disinfectants.

This obstacle is connected to the fourth challenge in home healthcare which is the patient’s safety. Not meeting the sanitary standards similar to hospitals only exposes other people living in the same house, the patient, and the home health aide to various environmental hazards.

Here at Las Posas Home Health Services, we are equipped to care for an elderly loved one. We ensure our health professionals are fully trained, observe sanitary practices, and meet state requirements. Ask us about our services by sending us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


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