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Reasons an Elderly Needs a Dietitian


It’s easy to confuse dietitians with nutritionists. To easily recall the differences between these healthcare professionals, the former have licenses whereas it is only optional for the latter. You should approach a dietitian if you have a chronic condition, food allergies, an eating disorder, and want to lose or gain weight which requires specialized medical training.

The aging population typically needs a dietitian to ensure proper nutrition, adjust their weight, and as part of treatment plans for chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. The usual home health services in California only send home health aides or caregivers who are not equipped to provide counseling and design personalized meal plans.

Counseling is a necessary step in formulating a treatment plan depending on the purpose and condition of the patient. Those who want to lose weight may be either advised nutrition therapy or weight loss surgery. Feeding tubes are one option for malnourished and nutrient-deficient elders. Another reason is to treat nutrition problems as a result of medications or treatment which is usually the case for cancer patients. Elders with any of these conditions who avail of home care in California should seek additional help from a dietitian. Instructions from the dietitian concerning nutritional guidelines and meal plans should be relayed and followed by the assigned caregiver.

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