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Diabetes Foot Care: The Importance of Private Duty Care

Living with diabetes is hard. You have to take maintenance medication and be careful about what you eat. If the patient is not well-taken care of, complications may arise. A diabetic foot is one to look out for since diabetes can damage the feet. It is essential for seniors who are diabetic patients to have private duty care or skilled nursing.

Our home health services in Camarillo, California, can help check our clients’ feet every day for signs of diabetic foot. Our caregivers can also go over and beyond to help senior clients manage the health and vitality of their feet.

Here are some tips we can share with you today:

  • It is necessary to moisturize your feet, but you should not put any moisturizer between your toes.
  • You should never try to treat corns or calluses on your own. See a doctor or podiatrist if you have any concerns. The professionals are going to work on them.
  • It’s important to never let your loved one walk barefoot, especially outside. They could step on something sharp and hurt themselves.

As a provider of home care in California, we strive to provide great care to the elderly and persons with disabilities. By enlisting our services, we can ensure that you or your loved one will receive the personalized attention they deserve.

Las Posas Home Health Services can be the solution you are looking for today. Our home health aide can help you and your loved ones achieve better health in aging at home. If you have questions or other concerns, call us today.

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