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Dealing Arthritis Easily for the Elderly


We have a question for you. What do you think are the medical conditions or illnesses an elderly experiences or has? Do we have diabetes? Or the ultimate combo of high cholesterol and high blood pressure? How about the scary Dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s? Anyone who said arthritis gets a cheer from us. Why? Because healthcare professionals found that 31% of elderly individuals suffer from the pains of arthritis.

The sad thing about arthritis is it uncurable for now. Thus, many elderly individuals will get uncomfortable and painful joint swelling. The best thing they can do is to deal with it and manage it when it attacks. Here are two recommendations from home care in California:

First is to take enough vitamins and supplements to keep the bones strong and ease arthritis at bay. The supplements, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which are building blocks of cartilage, are two of the recommended ones by the Arthritis Foundation.

The second is being a healthy weight. We may hate this, but this is essential to dealing with and managing effortlessly. Home health aide saw that elderly individuals who are overweight have worse arthritis experience than those with leaner and just right weights. The reason lies in the pressure added weight puts on our knees.

As a home health care provider concerned for your health, we here in Las Posas Home Health Services saw what kind of damage having arthritis can cause to your life. Because of the pain you experience, you may opt-out of not being as active physically, socially, and mentally to avoid the pain. Thus, we do our best to help you deal with that. Excited? Then avail now of our home health services in Camarillo, California.

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